At With Love By Kate we make handcrafted, organic skincare products for sensitive skin with the purest intentions, a gift from our hearts to yours.

As a healing artist, yogi and devoted creatrix of WLBK, Kate spends many hours each day deep in meditative contemplation.  Through this lifestyle she has received intuitive information and clarity around healing the body.  It has become clear that simple body care formulations, made with organic ingredients mixed expertly with pure essential oils deliver the best results. Trained in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Esthetics, Kate believes in the use of select natural healing extracts in organic skincare products.

The awareness Kate has gained has illuminated the importance of developing this line.  She was inspired to invent With Love By Kate as a quest to make health-promoting products which benefit not only individuals, but also the environment by having a small ecological footprint.

With Love By Kate is a small company and all of our products are handmade in small batches and often even made to order.  Each product is handcrafted in Connecticut.  We take great care to avoid chemicals, gluten, soy and toxins in our products.  Our ingredients are fair trade, high quality, pure, organic and fresh.  We never use fragrances nor preservatives.  We scent our ESSENTIAL formulas with essential oils and we offer unscented options in our PURITY line for the ultra sensitive skin types. We also offer anti-aging products in our RADIANCE and VITAMIN C lines for those in-tune with the benefits of speeding up cell turnover.  The products are tested on real people and we are consistently adapting the formulations to improve quality and effectiveness.

All of our production assistants are attuned with Reiki and everything we make is imbued with a loving vibration for optimum healing.

We are listening, please email us with your ideas on how to better these products, thank you!

With Love,
The WLBK team



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Our Story

We believe in offering high quality, hand-made, organic self-care products that are affordable, paraben-free, chemical free, never tested on animals, aromatic, uplifting and made with love in the USA.