Present Openings

Today in a yoga practice I led the class to take a deep breath.  I boldly asked them to “open their hearts”.  They all bravely breathed deep and took a chance that this was a good idea. As the deep breaths ensued the energy in the space elevated and the community became one with each other. The sun came out and we opened up to the light above, below and within. We practiced and flowed together like waves.

How simple it is to open the heart and trust as our souls yearn for this connection… however if we are stuck in our minds, in fear, or holding our breath how difficult it can be at the same time.

The mind is a powerful tool. If we think about our foot, the energy moves to the foot. If we think about our grievances our energy moves there too. Often times we don’t realize how often our thoughts are not with us (in the present moment) but out there in the future or in the past.

In yoga, the primary purpose is to be present and to remain “here now”  for as long as we can. When a thought takes us for a ride elsewhere as soon as we notice, we draw our attention back again to the heart by taking a deep breath.

When I loose something, especially on the computer, I admit I sometimes panic. There are times when I catch myself hyperventilating or holding my breath.  This only makes matters worse.  Once I settle down and come back to the fact that this is a small thing in the grand scheme I breathe deeply and oftentimes find what I lost or let it go and find it the next day.

The mind and the breath can work as a team to help us to stay present.  If we allow ourselves to open up to the breath and to our hearts and we keep ourselves there we can remain even and allow the present moment to flow and for peace to be present within.

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