Heart + Lung

LONGEVITY TINCTURE heart + lung elixir

Heart + Lung healing love elixir contains high concentrations of demulcent herbs and antioxidants extracted in brandy produce a high quality tincture intended to promote good health, heal respiratory imbalances, expel mucus, promote expectoration and boost immunity.

Heart + Lung elixir is intended to assist you to take good care of your heart and lungs. A consistent cardiovascular routine is highly recommended as it clears your lungs and stimulates circulation.  As is a dedicated yoga or meditation practice to deepen and strengthen the breath. Boosting your vitamin c intake and ingesting lung supporting extracts is also vital to your overall health of your heart. The heart and lung elixir is  an organic herbal infusion bursting with vitamin c rich plant extracts such as rose hips, orange peel, olive leaf and elecampane root.

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We believe in offering high quality, hand-made, organic self-care products that are affordable, paraben-free, chemical free, never tested on animals, aromatic, uplifting and made with love in the USA.