Our kinnick smoking blend:

This kinnick blend is intended to  assist you to move away from cigarettes laden with addictive additives and  begin respecting  the spiritual nature  of  smoking as a way to  connect  to  your higher self. In Native American traditions as well as many tribal societies smoking is sacred and used as a way to communicate and send prayers to Great Spirit. Kinnick is a term used to describe a ceremonial smoking blend often traditionally made with herbs.

This smoking blend is intended for ceremonial prayer practices. This blend may be smoked alone or mixed with an additive-free, organic tobacco of choice.  The making of this product is intended to help smokers, smoke less and ultimately quit. This product has helped many people break the habit and we hope it will help more.

The herbs and  flowers chosen for the white sage blend are meant to improve dream re-call and enhance lucid dreaming. This blend can help one to fall asleep and release endorphins.

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We believe in offering high quality, hand-made, organic self-care products that are affordable, paraben-free, chemical free, never tested on animals, aromatic, uplifting and made with love in the USA.