ESSENTIAL love.deodorant

ESSENTIAL love.deodorant


Organic, sustainable, pure, effective, unisex, non aluminum deodorant, works wonders!



the benefits of our organic deodorant:

This is a non-gmo, organic deodorant that offers strong odor protection. It really works! Handmade with a special blend of pure, effective detoxifying ingredients which combat odor and draws out impurities.

All ingredients are sustainably harvested and non-gmo. For men and women. There are no parabens, no chemicals, no genetically modified organisms, no aluminum, no fragrances and we never test on animals. Every product is handcrafted with love and organic ingredients in the USA.

For ultra sensitive underarms we also make a deodorant cream

organic deodorant contains:

Non-gmo cornstarch*, sodium bicarbonate (non-aluminum baking soda), maranta arundinacea* (arrowroot powder*), elaeis* (sustainably harvested palm oil*), cocos nucifera* (coconut oil*), essential oil blend.  *organic + non-gmo

**Some are hyper-sensitive to non-aluminum baking soda, please discontinue use if rash develops**

deodorant use:

Clean underarms with soap, dry completely, if cold, hold deodorant under armpit to warm for a minute, then swipe once or twice. A little goes a long way. Re-apply as necessary. After a workout or a full day you may need to re-apply at least once. Our love deodorant formulation may melt in extreme temperatures and may harden in extreme cold.

did you know?

Like many people out there, Kate was a loyal user of metallic aluminum mainstream deodorant and anti-perspirant for many decades. Once she learned about how potentially toxic mainstream deodorant is to her health she went on a quest to find the best substitute possible. She tried practically every organic, aluminum deodorant on the market. She tried the ones that stained her clothes black and the ones that didn’t do anything. She tried the ones made out of alcohol, made out of a crystal and the chamomile spray. She tried and tried until she discovered the recipe for these two effective formulations.

Since making + using her own deodorant she has never looked back and helped hundreds of people find the confidence to switch!



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DIVINITY (rose + frankincense), BLISS (ylang ylang), TRANQUILITY (lavender + tea tree), PURITY (unscented)


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We believe in offering high quality, hand-made, organic self-care products that are affordable, paraben-free, chemical free, never tested on animals, aromatic, uplifting and made with love in the USA.