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With Love by Kate

Pulse point oil

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A roll-on pulse point oil made with pure organic essential oils. Perfect for the moments when you desire to be uplifted + transported by scent. A great freshen up option for after exercise class.  Intended to assist you to breathe and let go.

the benefits of our pulse point oil:

This non-gmo, organic pulse point oil is an aromatherapeutic essential oil blend to inspire a heightened state of being. We package this product in a glass roller dispenser for easy access to achieve your desired state.

Our sense of smell and the olfactory system can encourage you to enjoy life, to taste with more gusto and it can also give you warning of danger. The varieties of smells we interpret throughout our day are numerous. Have you ever thought about how you feel when you smell something good? Or when you smell something foul?  We take such a deep breath when we smell something pleasant and we hold our breath with something not so good.

The tropical Ylang Ylang flower for example can illicit an euphoric feeling when you smell it.

Some also believe scent can create balance within the energy field. Which includes smelling something that you may not be attracted to at first. An earthy, mossy smell may ground you while a floral scent may uplift you if you are too set on the details of life.

Our ESSENTIAL skincare line also carries most of these scent varieties. You may like to try our organic love cream and organic body lotion.

We offer 9 different variations for your benefit:

Positivity ~ Lemongrass Scented

Sensuality ~ Sandalwood scented

Divinity ~ Rose + Frankincense scented

Tranquility ~ Lavender scented

Bliss ~ Ylang Ylang scented

Abundance ~ Holy Basil Scented

Enlightenment ~ Frankincense scented

Wealth ~ Patchouli scented

organic pulse point oil contains:

Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil*), essential oil blend* + reiki love. * organic +non-gmo

How to use pulse point oil:

Apply pulse point oil whenever you want to enhance your mood or freshen your auric field. This product may be applied all over the body specifically, to your temples, wrists, ankles, pulse points and/or on tip of nose. Also for those moments when you need some oil on your dry spots, hands, nails, cuticles, boo-boos.

This is a concentrated blend approximately 12% so a little goes a long way!

about with love by kate:

With love by Kate originally was created by Kate because she loved making and mixing lotions and body potions. Her formulary is often referred to as "The Lotions and Potions Room" by her family. Before WLBK became a bonafide business, these creations were made with pure love and elaborately decorated as gifts to her friends for holidays and birthdays. It wasn't usual that a dear friend would receive a new flavor or scent or even a completely new product inspired by them. It wasn't until 8 years later did With Love by Kate become a LLC.