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With Love by Kate


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A mask for combination to dry skin to refresh, brighten + lighten dark spots, freckles and even out skin tone. Contains white, red + pink kaolin clays.

the purpose of our vitamin c mask:

This vitamin c mask is for all skin types.  Masking is one of the greatest treats we can give our skin.  This mask contains white, red, pink kaolin clay and of course vitamin c.

White kaolin clay has a soft texture and is the most mild clay available, it is rich in silica and has a neutral ph. Red kaolin clay is rich in iron oxide and copper it is anti-inflammatory. Pink kaolin clay is rich in aluminum oxide.

It is highly recommended to mask once per week to remove dead skin cells, draw out impurities, tone pores, stimulate circulation and feed the skin nutrients.

For the ultimate self-love treatment, this mask can be used during the time when you relax in the bath, then rinsed off when you are ready to get out. If you have dry skin, we recommend using clay masks once per week.

the effects of our pink mask:

Our skin cells turn over approximately every 21 days leaving a flaky appearance if not exfoliated.  Our vitamin c mask exfoliates by removing dead skin cells, increases circulation which lends a glow and feeds the skin with vitamin c.  Masking weekly will encourage a clear, radiant complexion, allowing products to penetrate more effectively while minimizing fine lines + wrinkles. If you have oily or combination skin you can mask more frequently.

Overall skin dullness is often a result of lack of proper exfoliation and skin maintenance, but using a clay mask for just 10 minutes once a a week can help keep your complexion looking fresh and bright.

vitamin c mask contains:

French pink clay (red + white clays, pink kaolin clay, white kaolin clay, ascorbic acid (vitamin c*) and reiki love. *organic + non-gmo

how to use this mask:

Whip mask with equal parts water. Apply to face. Make sure to remove after you feel the mask pulling, about 5-10  minutes to prevent the clay from drying up in your pores, remove with a hot towel.

did you know?

Kate has freckles? Before she began religiously using organic products she used to sun bathe and get a lot of sun! She had dark spots and hyperpigmentation all over her face, especially around the mouth + lip area. With continuous use of vitamin c products, weekly at home facials and alpha hydroxy treatments  she has been about to even out her skin tone! You can too!